Simple Way To Avoid Divorce or Abandoned in a Relationship

Simple Way To Avoid Divorce or Abandoned in a Relationship

Be interested in how she thinks.

I have discovered that it is those things that we pay very little attention to that causes us a whole lot of trouble.

Avoid Divorce

Most times we do not care about the way the other person in whom we have developed interest thinks, we don’t see it is as important compared to the way she looks, dresses, or where she is from.

But sadly the way she thinks defines and shapes every other thing about her. The way she thinks exposes how she sees life, as well as the people in her life, which would ultimately inform the way she would see you.

It is the way she thinks that informs the way she dresses, the way and manner she behaves or speaks, which speaks volume of the influence of where she is from on her.

Most importantly, it is the way she thinks that would trian your children and help build your home. It is still the way she thinks that will help in running your business or representing you in your absence. Hence we must learn to recognize and Identify the pitfalls in her thinking and not merely excuse it away.

Before you pursue the way she looks, talks, or dresses, please do ascertain the way she thinks. A good way to do this, is by asking the kind of questions that strikes the very heart or core of who she is.

Don’t be persuaded merely by your feelings, or allow your emotions cloud your judgement. Be mindful of the fact that the way she thinks may either ruin your life or sustain it ultimately. You need a woman who will be a beacon of hope and light, as well as an inspiration to your children.

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{Mr Insightz}


Simple Way To Avoid Divorce or Abandoned in a Relationship

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