The actual problem of Nigeria as a country 

The actual problem of Nigeria as a country

  1. We have infinite patience for the wrong things -bad governance, poor customer service, etc
  2. We pride ourselves in having infinite patience for the wrong things. “Nigeria is different” “Things work differently here” bla bla….
  3. Religion
  4. Sudden breakthrough mentality. Praying is ranked higher than hardwork
  5. Value the wrong things
    • expensive cars on bad roads or aspiring to own one some day
    • Take pride in living unaffordable lifestyles yet we are more likely to die in a medical emergency due to poor health care and emergency facilities
    • Big churches, rich pastors, everybody is seeking salvation yet we are all mostly corrupt, unfaithful and wicked to our neighbors

All these result in a low average IQ. Online and offline, our conversations are barely ever intellectual. Ask a question and our responses are usually basic and mostly obvious and that is when we are not using the bible and religion to hide our lack of intelligence.

I am not a saint, just humble enough to accept that I am a net contributor to Nigeria’s problems.

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