The Alligator That Has Been Terrorising My Compound

The end of the road for the big alligator.

Around 1:20PM this afternoon, my Mother called me in a loud and strange voice, I had to drop what I was doing and rush out immediately to know what was wrong.

At first I thought it might be a snake because we are living very close to the Lake. I came out and saw something very big struggling with the fowls inside the basket ’cause my Mom had covered the fowls to prevent any thing from attacking them but I don’t really know how this big creature managed to force itself into the basket.

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All this while we thought it was a big snake due to the size of it head but I courageously opened the basket and behold, it was a big alligator struggling to eat a fowl.

This Alligator has been terrorising our compound for a while now according to my Mom, but unfortunately for it, the ‘Alligator Terminator’ is at home. 😄

It is now a big meat for the house waiting for proper preparation. 😋


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