The Importance Of Making Coconut Your Everyday Life

The coconut palm is a standout amongst the most delightful and helpful trees on the planet, grown in more than 80 nations of the tropical. It supplies sustenance, drink and shelter and furthermore supplies raw material to number of industries personally associated with household and in addition financial life.

Composition and Uses:

The following products of coconut are useful to human being.
1) Coconut Water: It is liquid endosperm. of tender .coconut and is used as refreshing and agreeable drink and as a useful substitute for saline glucose in intravenous infusion. It increases bold circulation in the kidneys and cause profuse dieresis.
2) The Wet Meat or Kernel: The kernel or endospermis an important article of food being used in culinary purpose. The milk or cream obtained by squeezing the granted kernel diluteded in water is sued in many preparations. The fresh kernel includes moisture 45% protein, 4%, fat 37%, minerals 4% and carbohydrates 10%.
3) Desccated Coconut: It is dried out disintegrated coconut meat. It has great demand in confectionary and other good industries.
4) Coconut Flour: Partially defatted edible coconut grating is an excellent product and used in bakery and confectionary.
5) Today and Toddy Products: A sugar containing juice which is obtained by tapping unopened spadix is known as toddy. From this vinegar jaggery and sugar is prepared. From fermented today alcohol is prepared.
6) Coconut Oil and Oil Cake: Dried copra gives 60 to 67% oil and 33-40% oil cake. The coconut oil is in great demand for edible purposes, for soap making toilet preparation. The oil cakeis used to feed cattle.and poultry.
7) Coir and Coconut Fiber: It is an important commercial product obtained from the husk of coconut. India contribute about 50% coir production. The world coir production is 0.282 million tones.
8) Miscellaneous Used: The endocarp or shell is used for fuel for making shell charcoal, activated carbon etc. Fancy utensil can be prepare from shell. Besides, the stem is used for construction of houses and leaves are used for thatching, fencing and making baskets and broomsticks. The decoration of foots is astringent and is used as mouth was and gargle.

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