Things you can do to lower the risk of stealing your car

Things you can do to lower the risk of stealing your car

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 About car theft you will hear about anywhere in the world. In some countries more and in others less, but after all, it seems to be an illicit activity known everywhere.

Even, there are statistics that talk about stolen vehicles. In February of this year, we included in our blog, some posts that talked about the most and least stolen cars.

Statistics on car theft

On statistics, in this opportunity we want to tell you the following:

    In the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, statistics indicate that 73.54% of car theft in the country is produced.

    In Greater Buenos Aires, 58.33% of crimes occur, in Federal Capital 15.21% and in the rest of the country the remaining 26.46% are stolen.

    For all will be useful the advice that we will give you next, from the team of 123seguro. Even so, if you live in Buenos Aires, you find yourself in a high risk area, therefore … do not stop reading what comes next!

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How to reduce risks of car theft?

It is important that even taking all the precautions, have a good car insurance, that can respond to such a disaster. There are different coverages for robbery and theft,


    Door locks ALWAYS PLACED.
    If the traffic is very slow and when you stop at the traffic lights, ensure that the glass is always high.

    Keep your belongings or wallet in car places where they can not be seen from the outside.

    Polarizing the glass so that it can not be seen from the outside is also an excellent alternative.

    If you wear jewelry, watches, rings, etc., which are striking, the ideal is that while driving you are not in sight of people who are looking for the opportunity to appropriate other people’s things. You keep them in a place where they can not be seen and when you arrive at your destination, before getting off the car, you put your watch or your jewelry.

Keeping distance from the car in front of you can save you from a robbery. Suppose you get off the car you have in front to steal, if you left at least 5 meters. from distance, you will be able to maneuver to flee and avoid the assault.

As for the audio equipment, the ideal is that they are not in view, so that they do not tempt the wrongdoers when you leave the car parked.

    Very important that you HAVE ALARM IN THE CAR. The alarm usually drives away.

    Another interesting tool, which may accompany the alarm, is the vehicle locator device, via satellite.

    Drive always attentive, when you stop, always check the surroundings, so you are not surprised.

    At the time of parking, always try to be in a safe place, that you know well and that it is traveled.

    When you return to your vehicle, check that there is no one inside it.

    If someone asks you for help, if you are going to help, do it very carefully. Unfortunately, there are thieves who use that technique to steal.

    Do not pay attention to notes or messages left on the windows of your car.

We hope that our tips will be useful so that you are not part of the sector that suffers the theft of cars. Leave us in comments, here below, all your inquiries about car insurance, and we will gladly respond to them.

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