Travel Safe: ways to take care of yourself inside your own car

Travel Safe: ways to take care of yourself inside your own ca

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Making a car trip can be a wonderful experience, especially if you are accompanied by loved ones.Traveling you can meet new cities, new landscapes and relax. Although it is also true that when driving there are a number of factors that can cause inconvenience and even accidents (for this last case, nothing better than having the peace of mind of having a good car insurance).Therefore, we believe that it is prudent and convenient to take measures before starting the journey and be prepared to get rid of possible unpleasant surprises and avoid unnecessary risks.

Travel safely

Go ahead! Keep reading a little more, we give you the advice that every safe traveler has to take:

It is important that in the car you include a first aid kit, so that in case of emergency you can count on the right elements, among them it would be good to have: sterile hydrophilic gauze, bandages and dressings of different sizes, hypoallergenic adhesive fabric, hydrogen peroxide, iodine solution , alcohol or other disinfectant, latex or vinyl gloves (several pairs), cream for furacinadas burns or gauzes, antidiarreic (charcoal tablets), analgesics, anti-inflammatory, scissors.

Take the cell phone with the fully charged battery and / or a charger for the vehicle. This way, in case of any emergency, you will not see yourself in uncomfortable situations and you will be able to call the necessary help without problems.

If you plan to travel for many hours, it is preferable that you accompany a relay driver or that you stop every so often to wake up. Keep in mind that when we are tired, reflexes tend to decrease.

Always bring some cash and change to pay in tolls. In this way you will save time and discomfort
I left your house early, so you will avoid hasty driving at high speeds, drive with caution, reduce the chances of accidents.

Take water and some snacks in the car, especially for children. Needless to say, but just in case, do not drink alcoholic beverages while driving.

Minimize distractions, they take away concentration from the road. If you travel with children, it is better that another adult travel so you do not get distracted by their needs.

Another point to keep in mind, if you travel with small children, keep them in their chairs and place them in the center of the back seat.

If you are traveling with animals, make sure they are in their cages. While nobody likes to put their animals in a cage, a loose animal in the car can make us participate in a disaster. Important fact: do not place the cage in the passenger seat, since in the event of a collision, when the airbags are activated, the animal could suffer great damage. The best thing would be to place it on the floor of the rear seats.

It is advisable to change the air of the vehicle every so often because it can become heavy and vicious, every so often I opened the windows a few moments and that’s it!

Keep the belt fastened to all occupants of the car at all times.

And finally, we also recommend that you avoid doing things while driving. Doing other things while driving can harm your conductive ability. Avoid the following actions while at the wheel: make up, comb your hair, drive with inappropriate shoes or lack it, talk on the phone and listen to music at full volume.

If you follow these tips, you will be in a position to proclaim yourself a safe traveler and you will be able to take a beautiful trip minimizing the risk of accidents. But remember, when these occur, if you are a possessor of good car insurance, peace of mind is greater.

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