What is a digital marketing company?

A digital marketing company helps customers reach their target audience by increasing their visibility online.
digital marketing company
Digital marketing company

What is a digital marketing company?

How they help the customers (the services they offer) depends on the customer. For instance, many of our customers just want us to focus on their content. This can further mean that they might want us to:

  • Maintain and manage the content on their company blogs (the whole buyer persona, content and editorial and publishing calendar shebang)
  • Just work with them to further develop their ideas into full-fledged blogs (writing, editing, and re-writing. Depends on their preference).
  • Create content for specific campaigns (social media, email, landing pages, or all of them combined as a single campaigns).
  • Managing social media profile
  • Developing their website, or revamping an existing page, or just creating a landing page.
  • SEO services

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And in all of the above, we can further categorize them into “with testing, tracking and monitoring content” or “just give them the content and they’ll take it from there”.

So, on a broader level, a digital marketing agency would be a company that helps customers market their business online and achieve business goals.

This can range from a complete digital marketing campaign (all the way from researching understanding their target niche and market and audience, to creating marketing campaigns that include every touchpoint on the customer’s journey — website visit to subscription, building emailing list, creating email campaign and landing page, PPC, paid and organic SEO, content creation, social media profile management, etc., and measuring results) to one time campaigns (email or social media campaign for a season, etc.).

On a smaller scale, a digital marketing agency may just be helping customer in things like setting up and testing a website/page, to creating content whenever they need (e.g. articles/blogs, social media posts, infographics, ebooks, cover design, web copy for a salespage, etc.).

What is a digital marketing company?

Various departments in Digital Marketing Company:

  1. Account Managers
  2. Client Servicing Team
  3. Design and Development Team
  4. Copywriting Team
  5. Sales and Business Development Team
  6. Social Media Team
  7. Paid Media/Pay Per Click (PPC) Team

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