Why I Focus On One Simple Thing Every Day- Paschal Okeke

Every day I focus on one simple thing.

No, it’s not scheduling my time. It’s not planning out what I will do.

All I do is I try to have as much fun as possible with it.

When I write I try to type as fast as possible, I jump up and down in my chair, I listen to really quirky music and I will talk to myself to create more joy!

When I code, I try to be more logical, solving complex problems with little lines of Code.

When I coach others I run up and down the office, I jump around and I try to explain things with my hands, even though it is only a voice call!

Every work I do, even the work I do not initially like, I transform into something fun and amazing, something filled with a lot of energy and passion.

It’s not about having that energy to begin with or that passion for whatever you are doing you can simply create it right here right now!

And when you do, you become a lot more productive!

But this is something that will take time to learn, like all things. You may be able to instantly tap into your energy and passion, but, at the beginning it will be very temporary.

As you practice creating passion for what you do it will last longer and longer, and, eventually, you will be able to run hours on end with it.

When we have fun we don’t necessarily become more productive, but the work itself takes less out of us! It becomes less of a chore and we stick with the task more.

Just like when we play a sport, when we spend time around friends or watch a movie we are fully engaged in that task because it is something we enjoy doing.

In the same way when you create that energy and passion about what you do you are totally focused on what it is you are doing, which ultimately results in you working more in the time you have.

We can work focused for longer periods of time because the work takes less energy to accomplish.

Not only will this make you feel as though you accomplished way more in way less time… it will also make you enjoy your time far more!

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